Yoga Pregnancy Modifications and Bikram Yoga


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"Practicing yoga during pregnancy is one of the healthiest ways to nurture yourself and your baby. You will learn to become more patient and gentle with yourself and gain confidence in the beautiful mother that you are becoming. Marvel at the miracle of your baby and what your incredible body and spirit are capable of creating. If you are a regular Bikram Yoga Practitioner for more than a year, you can continue your practice by following Rajashree's Pregnancy Yoga modifications in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters with moderate heat at your own discretion. (You can purchase your Rajashree's Pregnancy Yoga DVD at the studio.)

During your pregnancy, you and your baby are changing and growing every day. More than ever before, your yoga practice will change and grow from day to day. You will be faced with new challenges physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For example, physical balance may become more difficult but your flexibility will increase. Regarding the heat be cautious, but not afraid. It is still healthy for your body to sweat allowing your muscles to loosen and relax. The heat also helps toxins in the body to be released. Ask the teacher where the coolest part of the room is, and don't be afraid to sit out any poses your body (or your baby) tells you to.

- No postures should be done which cause compression on the diaphragm and heart.
- In backbends, don't push hips forward of knees.
- In backbends, stretch upward and back with the upper spine; when coming up bend the knees to relieve back pressure.
- Moderate heat is okay from the beginning. Separate feet slightly in standing poses.
- In forward bends keep knees open.
- No head to knee pose, separate leg forehead to knee, or rabbit.
- Also no cobra, locust, full locust, bow.
- Rest on side in between postures rather than on the back.
- Long, deep, slow breathing in easy sitting position is relaxing for mom and baby.
- If you are a student (including Teacher) and is at a High Risk, follow your doctor’s advise.