November 9-11

Dive into the foundations of a Ghosh lineage-based practice. Our lineage roots stretch back to Kolkata, India, with founder Bishnu Ghosh. Bishnu had several influential students, one of whom was the founder of Bikram Yoga.



Scott Lamps and Ida Jo are Yoga Acharyas (Masters of Yoga). They are the head teachers of Ghosh Yoga, traveling all over the world to teach yoga as well as deepen their own study and practice.

Their approach balances a deep knowledge of history and tradition; the most up-to-date scientific knowledge about the body and mind; and commitment to personal spiritual practice.

They treat every student they meet with individual care and attention, striving to bring health, perspective, information and peace.

They are the authors of 3 Ghosh Yoga Practice Manuals, which strive to clarify and simplify the purpose and practice of over 100 postures.

They compiled, edited and published the lost manuscript of 84 Yoga Asanas by Buddha Bose, and edited the English translation of Gouri Shankar Mukerji's works from German and Bengali. Learn more about Ida and Scott



"Ghosh Yoga" is a set of values and traditions passed down from Bishnu Charan Ghosh. It shares a lot of history and values with other yoga systems, since all yoga traces its roots back to early texts and philosophies.

Generally speaking, the goals of Ghosh Yoga begin with health in the body and stillness in the mind. It is characterized by its use of stillness during and immediately following yoga postures. (This is different from many modern styles of yoga that incorporate Sun Salutes between postures and link postures together.) Learn more about Ghosh Yoga


Investment: $40 Single Class, $180 Full Weekend (5 classes) 

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Explore the history of Ghosh yoga beginning from its origins in Kolkata, India. Learn how this lineage evolved out of body building and therapy to what is practiced today. You will become familiar with the great students of Bishnu Ghosh and explore concepts such as sequencing, heat, and competition. Get a glimpse of how Bishnu Ghosh and his two greatest students: Buddha Bose (1930s) & Dr. Gouri Shankar Mukerji (1940-60s) taught. Their approach to asana practice includes some different posture setups, multiple sets, specific breathing techniques, and long holds.
Lecture only, no practice.
Progress beyond beginning practices and concepts with this 3 hour immersion. We will discuss what it means to be an intermediate and advanced yogi, including practice philosophy and how to use the body and mind with more detail. Asana practice work toward Arm Balancing & Inversion, Full Back-bending, and Leg Behind the Head. Practice will conclude with Pranayama: breathing exercises that are the next step beyond Asana in a yogi's progress.
Therapeutic exercises are simple body movements to improve functional health, strength and range of motion.
This workshop will focus on bringing stability and relief to the spine, especially the lower back. Also we will focus on calming the body, breath and mind, reducing stress and creating a restful state.
Learn how to recognize and manage pain in your everyday life, and also how to calm yourself at bedtime or in stressful situations. This workshop is ideal for beginners, elders, non-yogis and yoga teachers.
Bring your family members or friends who have injuries or pain to this class.
An all levels class.
Learn how the feet and legs are designed to transfer weight and hold us in balance. Examine the workings of the knees and hips to understand how to carry the body with stability and ease.
We will explore "flat feet" and "locking the knee," leaving you with a better understanding for how weight and balance are handled by the body, especially when standing on one leg.
Practice will include multiple sets of standing postures, plus additional explanations, preparations and exercises. You will leave this class with better stability, feeling energized and in balance!
Practice well-known postures with a new focus.
Learn how to breathe in each position to support the body instead of working against it. Learn the complementary functions of the abs and glutes (butt muscles) to control the pelvis and spine, bringing new stability and ease, especially in the standing and balancing postures.

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