Certified at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2016

Crystal instructs the following:
  • Hot 26+2
  • The classic, beginner friendly Hot 26+2 class is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.
    This class is the foundation for all hot yoga students, regardless of experience, ability or age. Whether you are working through injuries, health conditions, or want to boost your athletic performance, this class is for you!
    Dress Code: Shorts highly recommended. Long pants and long sleeves discouraged in this class. If you can visually connect with your sustained muscle contractions in the mirror, your practice will improve faster.
    Set yourself up for success and read the FAQ at

    Is this your first visit to HYP? Please go online to and register for your class or arrive 15-20 minutes early and register at the front desk.

  • Ghosh Salutations+
  • Warm up with Ghosh salutations and learn more of the Kolkata-based style of practice, and the origins of the original hot 26+2 class. After salutation together the instructor will lead through a finishing sequence. Practitioners are invited to freestyle and share their practice tips with each other.
    The hot room is open for you to play in your practice. Occasionally practiced with music or a beat.
    Expect variety: Laughter, conversations, or quiet meditation. The main goal is just to enjoy a warm room, and explore together.