Core 40 Yoga

This class is taught by:

Cheryl Alexander

From my Bikram Yoga practice I found discipline, self control and my voice. I continue to utilize and teach Bikram Yoga as a gentle, healing vehicle for individual therapy. 
Yoga has helped me reconnect to my spirit and find a new purpose for my life.
I want students to take away mindfulness, strength, patience, determination, confidence, self control. You will find the empowerment in whatever areas of life you need to be empowered.
Cheryl began her Hatha yoga practice in 1999 and was certified at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Fall 2003.

This is a beginner friendly/All level class • 100ºF • 90 min

Core40 is selection of 40 Ghosh Yoga and 4 Vinyasa postures, most performed twice, in a flow (rather than static) series. It includes salutations, arm-balancing and inversions.

This class builds on and will deepen your practice, understanding, and appreciation of the basic Beginning Bikram Yoga class.