Beats Power Vinyasa 60

This class is taught by:

Ana SaldaƱa Thyagaraja

I walked into my first Bikram Yoga class in 2000, one year after a car accident that broke my pelvis in four places. This practice gave me my life back by helping me manage chronic pain, heal from PTSD, and regain range of motion.
Yoga makes you more you. The gift of learning to manage my focus, reserving awareness for my breath, learning proper mechanics for living. The benefits of practice are endless. 
It is always a privilege and pleasure to walk a class through the 26 & 2. Bikram Yoga is the most effective preventive healing modality that I’ve ever experienced. Nothing beats pure and simple Bikram Yoga class. All of our classes allow for improved proprioception and stabilization. Bikram Yoga increases your flexibility by providing THE MOST THOROUGH flush of circulation to your whole body. Inferno Hot Pilates combines the best of sports medicine techniques to improve cardiovascular fitness, core strength and ramp up your stabilizer muscles (which all ages and ability levels continuously need). Baptiste Power Yoga will bring a renewed sense of vitality to your life on and off the mat. 
What unites our team and community is the love of Bikram Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates and other mindful, heated classes.
I started practicing Hatha yoga and meditation in 1994. After nine years of independent study of the therapeutic applications of various styles of Hatha yoga, I was certified at Bikram Teacher Training Fall 2005. I trained with Gabi Walters (Inferno Hot Pilates) in 2016, and Baron Baptiste (Power Vinyasa Yoga) in 2017.
Reenergize and revitalize yourself and your practice. You will burn, transform and love the way you feel. This class is based on Baron Baptiste's Journey Into Power sequence and set to a homemade soundtrack that is sure to get your weekend started right.