TED Talk with Bikram Yoga Portsmouth owner, Sara Curry. Sara leads Bikram Yoga Challenges for weight loss and sobriety at her Bikram Yoga studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She is a shining light in the broader Bikram Yoga community.
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BYMP Student Testimonials
Our students' testimonials are nothing short of inspiring. This is what happens when you show up on your mat. 


Aviana Hightower

In just two short weeks, Aviana Hightower appreciates the benefits she’s already noticing from her Bikram yoga practice. Her arms are stronger and she sees the value in sweating out the toxins. “I’ve realized it’s not a competition,” Aviana says. “It’s just about me and challenging my body.” 

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.59.00 PM

Edward Waddell 

51 year old Edward Waddell started Bikram yoga in 2007. He remembers being lazy, out of shape, and lacking energy. Over the last 7 years, he said it has healed him in many ways and, without a doubt, believes it’s the best and healthiest way to exercise. His favorite part about Bikram Yoga? Removing all of the toxins, keeping his muscles lean, and feeling re-energized after each class.

Shailesh and Pragatti Advani

Shailesh and Pragatti Advani practice Bikram yoga as a way to lose weight together. Shailesh, a doctoral student, says he feels more energized after class and looks forward to sweating out the stress each day. And, although they practice on opposite ends of the room to avoid distracting each other, Pragatti says practicing with her husband definitely encourages her to come more often!

Cheryl Grampa

Take a look at Cheryl’s beautiful Hands to Feet Pose! You wouldn’t believe it by looking at this incredible posture, but she had scoliosis as a teenager and wore corrective back braces. Now, as an adult, she credits Bikram with helping to align her spine. She also loves the mental release she receives from class. Go Cheryl! 

K.C. Ayers

K.C. Ayers started his Birkam yoga practice 6.5 years ago while living in Washington. His chiropractor suggested it as a way to relieve his lower back pain. It has done just that as he credits Bikram yoga for loosening up his back, increasing his flexibility, and keeping him young. His advice for newcomers? Just breathe. 

Iris Tu

Iris Tu, a former Tae Kwon Do practitioner, started Bikram yoga when she realized she wanted to maintain that active lifestyle. Now almost a year into her practice, Iris says she loves Bikram yoga’s detoxifying effects and appreciates the nice stretch she receives after sitting at her desk all day. What’s Iris’ advice for newcomers? Everyday your body is different but don’t feel discouraged – come as often as you can. 

MikeGrayGolfing square_copy

Mike Gray

What does Mike Gray do to improve his golf game? Bikram yoga. It’s enhanced his swing and flexibility on the green and also saved him from getting back surgery. “It’s one of the best things you can do for your health,” Mike says. 


Rosalinda Mendez

Seven years ago Rosalinda Mendez was hospitalized due to a breathing issue. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. This, along with her family history of heart disease and diabetes, made her realize she needed to change her lifestyle. Bikram Yoga improved her breath awareness and breath control which improved her overall physical health AND played a big part in reducing her stress levels. Now, she says "It's easier to focus on my family and job." 

Her advice for someone new to the practice? “Take stock of where you are when you start your practice and check back in at the 3 month mark. Small changes happen every day but, in totality, they are huge.”  

Maria Lara

Maria Lara started her Bikram yoga practice one year ago after moving to Houston from Spain. She was going through a lot of change in her life and was curious about this specialized hot yoga. After practicing 3-4 times a week for a year, she’s both physically and mentally stronger and swears she feels 10 inches longer. She has even recruited her husband and her 9-year-old son takes Kabir’s kids’ classes as well. The family will be living in Spain again for the summer but plan on continuing their practice in Madrid. 
Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.33.21 PM

Jim Hewett

April 11, 2007 is a special day for Jim Hewett. It’s the first time he stepped into a Bikram yoga studio. Jim was suffering from sciatica and herniated disks from years of motor cross and the strain of bending over to build guitars for a living. He even spent a month on his back, unable to move or work. Jim heard about the healing benefits of Bikram yoga and began practicing 6 times a week. Since then his flexibility in his back, blood pressure, and thyroid function have improved and he’s even gained half an inch in height!
Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.02.15 PM

Susie Jackson

What does Susie Jackson do to stay centered and grounded? Bikram yoga. We think her mantra sums it up perfectly.

“All my doubts are in the past and my fears are in the future and staying present is where I am most content. Mindful meditation helps me stay focused.”

Leslie Mogil

Leslie Mogil has been practicing Bikram yoga for 10 years. Leslie had a hysterectomy a few weeks ago and, as she was recovering in bed she kept saying to herself, “I want to go back to yoga asap.” A mother of three – one with special needs – she says this is the only quiet time in her day for meditation.
Charlotte Spradley

It was 17 years ago that Charlotte Spradley started her Bikram yoga practice. A seeker of spiritual truth, Charlotte said going to class “was like coming to church.” She felt right at home and was able to practice deeper meditations. Charlotte, now 63-years-old, attends class 4-5 times a week and even brings her 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren to class. Please join us in cheering on Charlotte as she starts a 60-day challenge in March!

Gay Stallones

Gay Stallones is 66 years old and started practicing ‪Bikram Yoga‬ in 2002. She used to take medicines for allergies, asthma & acid reflux. But after her practice, she has stopped all her medicines and feels very healthy. She knew this form of yoga was for her in her first class itself. Now, she is able to stay fit, has lots to look forward to and doesn't live a sedentary life. Her hobbies include mountain biking and riding her motor cycle.

Erika Matthews

Erika Mathews

Upon finishing her 10 Day Start Up Challenge Erika says "I already see a difference in my energy levels. I used be low on energy before I started out my practice but after practicing Bikram Yoga I feel more energetic & balanced. I have also gained upper & lower body strength. My first class was exciting as I have always been more interested & curious about this yoga style. My goals are to lose some inches, take better care of myself. I start my day here at BYMP studio at 5:30 am and it is one of the best things that has happened to me. I am more productive & focused."

George Sayre

George Sayre

George Sayre has been practicing Bikram Yoga‬ for the last 4 and half years. He was scheduled for back surgery and was experiencing horrific pain. Within 5 sessions of practice, the pain had reduced considerably, and he avoided surgery. He says "Practicing regularly has helped me beat stress, develop core strength and balance. The back pain is also almost negligible. A hot & humid day in Houston is tolerable too"

 Crystal Fox

Crystal Fox

Crystal Fox started her practice 10 years ago but still feels like the‪ Bikram Yoga journey never ends. Before starting out her practice her back hurt, was less active and frequently felt a lack of energy. "After bringing yoga into my life I feel less stressed, more energetic, better mind control and its become a part of my life like brushing my teeth. In stressful situations, I just know I have to breathe and everything is gonna be alright." At the start of her practice her goals were to "Lock" her knee, hydrate and eat healthier. Now, she is practicing to compete in the Texas Regional Yoga Asana Championship 2015.
Halimah Isaachsen

Halimah Isaachsen

Halimah Isaachsen has been practicing ‪Bikram Yoga for 5 years now. She is calm & balanced every time we see her in the studio and her secret is Bikram Yoga practice. The objective of her practice is to meditate & relax. She tries her best to listen to her body and stay balanced. The goals of her practice is to maintain her health by keeping fit and increase focus. She has been benefited in all aspects of her life through her practice, changed her as a person. Inside out. Her tip to Beginners is - Stay Disciplined if you want to make the most of your practice!

 Christine Flood

Christine Flood

Christine Flood is a nurse and a mother of two. She has been practicing ‪Bikram Yoga‬ for 9 years now.Before she started out her practice she was not flexible, a gym junkie and used to participate in marathons. She feels that she never took care of herself in terms of eating & sleeping on time. "After I have started my practice, I have become a happier person, more patient which allows me to be a fun mother. At the beginning I used to get tired very quickly but with practice, I have mastered the technique of channeling the energy created in my body after class and feel more energetic and active. The goals of my practice are to stay active & healthy, feel good so that I can take care of my family in a better way and spread the yogic happiness!"

Kimberly Marks 
Kimberly Marks

Kimberly Marks recently started practicing Bikram Yoga in our studio and she can already feel a deeper mind and body connection. Before she started out her practice, she was extremely stressed out but she feels very calm and centered. She feels her emotions are more balanced and she has better focus, feels relaxed and has a new sense of relief. "Bikram Yoga is therapeutic" she says. She has gained greater flexibility and is learning to let go.

 Isabel Hornung & Martha Aguilar

Isabel Hornung & Martha Aguilar

Isabel Hornung is a young energetic teenager and a cross country runner. She favors Bikram Yoga as she is feeling more flexible, focused in just two classes. When she ran after her practice, she felt less sore and noticed an increase in will power.

Martha Aguilar is her mother who has been suffering from Arthritis which is a part of her family history. Within a week of her practice, she re-gained up to 80% of mobility, could sleep better & was experiencing a complete change in her lifestyle.
Leon Bentsen & Dianna Bryan

Leon Bentsen & Dianna Bryan

Leon Bentsen & Dianna Bryan are one of our couple practitioners and have participated in the 30 day challenge. They started their practice 3 years ago. "Before starting out our practice, life was stressful. But now, we both feel that we were able to breathe better, take more control of our life situations and a feeling of relief and calmness has settled in our minds. We have learnt to regulate our heart rate through breathing and have experienced a better mind & body connection. The experience of our first class was extremely memorable. We had prepared ourselves for the whole day, we ensured we were hydrated and ate light. During class it gets very hot and keeping a steady breath is very tough but after class the head feels so light and the feeling is so amazing that it keeps drawing us back to class. We want to continue to stay disciplined, stay as still as possible during class and make Bikram Yoga a part of our life

Kala Batiste

Kala Batiste

Kala Batiste has been wanting to practice Bikram Yoga for a really long time and now she has finally managed to motivate herself and sign up for the‪ 10 day start up challenge. She was scared & nervous in her first class but she says "All the teachers and fellow practitioners were very encouraging and made me feel very comfortable. After a few days of practice I am already feeling calm, mentally fresh & energetic." She feels that doing yoga is more of a mental challenge which she needs to master. Her new goals are the three DDD's - Discipline, Dedication & Determination.

Max Gilreath

Max Gilreath

After practicing ‪Bikram Yoga‬, he is able to sleep better, is more flexible, experiencing better balance and has more energy. His first class experience? “Hooked! I knew what I was getting into so I was mentally prepared. The heat was intense. 2nd day was better than the first day. My goals were ‪weight loss, gain flexibility‬ & ‪strength. I want to get certified to teach Bikram Yoga... I love the instruction here at‪ the studio. Always learn something new from every teacher. I also love the positive atmosphere.

Richard Degner

Richard Degner

Richard Degner has been practicing ‪Bikram Yoga‬ for about 1 year now. He was recruited by a friend and has a lot of respect for this recommendation. He feels its a wonderful way to abate stress. "Sometimes its very difficult to step out from a busy schedule to practice but when I do, I feel Euphoric and never regret it. I was experiencing knee pain and the doctors had asked me to stop my practice in order to do a surgery. I spoke to the teachers at the‬ studio. They asked me to give Bikram Yoga some time. I decided to continue my practice and very soon I didn't experience any kind of pain. Guess what, I actually evaded a surgery by through my practicing. When I started out, my goals were to lose weight, reduce my stress levels & strength my knee. Now my goals are to continue to stay live with low levels of stress & eat guilt free.”

Shawna Clay & Lundyn Davis

Shawna & Lundyn Clay

Shawna and Lundyn have completed the 10 day start up challenge ! Shawna said she saw "Huge Changes" in just 10 days. She was able to regulate her breathing significantly better by day 4, and by day 8 she was moving into camel pose‬ with ease.
Shawna's 18 year old daughter says she feels "Amazing!" after class. She found her feet in camel pose on day 10!! She says she's breathing better and her allergies are not as bad. She also has seen improvement managing her type 1 diabetes‬ as her blood sugar‬ levels smoothed out. That's a big accomplishment! We are so proud of you both!

Tim Gibbons

Tim Gibbons

Tim Gibbons is currently doing the ‪10 day start up challenge ‬. He was in an accident and underwent brain surgery. He started his practice ‬to improve balance and focus. In his first class, he felt dehydrated and struggled to finish but soon he accepted the fact that it didn't matter that he could not do everything. His goal was to strive to achieve better results with every class. He loves Bikram yoga because of the repetition. He is able to compare his practice between classes and see the changes on a daily basis. This practice has made changes to his mind, body and outlook to life.
Veronica Johnson

Veronica Johnson

Veronica Johnson loves her "me-time" that she spends in the yoga room. She says " I felt overwhelmed in my first class but the instructors were very nice and helpful. The other members were very positive. The positive atmosphere helped me feel calm & determined. My skin felt good, arthritis eased out, felt more flexible & healthier. I am drinking less which is a good thing. When I started out I wanted to create a healthier routine for myself and I have been pretty successful. Now I want to continue to follow my health plan & try to master the poses and, you know, try to "hang in there". My son attends the kids yoga class and he loves it too!"

Damian Ogunsuyi

Damian Ogunsuyi is a retired professional soccer player and has been regularly practicing Bikram Yoga for about one and half years. He loves his practice with us. He says "The instruction is really encouraging and the studio ambience is very positive and refreshing." His first experience in the class? "Struggle. BIG Struggle. I was hyper ventilating. But when I looked around and saw people sweating, I knew this is my thing. This is gonna benefit me. Being a professional soccer player, I understood the mechanics of discipline that would be involved to make yoga a part of my daily routine. Now I feel very grounded." He started his practice with the goal of just getting healthy. Now he wants to continue to improve his health and hopes to minimize or eliminate his daily medications.
Dana Tate 

Dana Tate

Dana Tate has been practicing Bikram Yoga for 4 years. "Before I started my yoga practice I was not conscious of my food or body. Now, I am very aware of my eating habits and overall health. The first class was very difficult but after the class I wanted to come back again the next day and over a period of time my body felt strong and flexible. When I started out, my main objective was to loose weight but now my focus is to maintain overall health. The teachers in the Bikram Yoga Meyerland studio are very helpful and encouraging. They help you crack the whip. This is the cleanest studio I have ever been too and it doesn't even stink."
Tommie Espinosa

Tommie Espinosa

Tommie Espinosa started her Bikram Yoga Practice one year ago. Before starting out her practice, she was always racing, trying to be on top of everything which caused her a lot of stress. She had difficulty with focus and concentration. She says that in her first class, she had a panic attack and was so angry with her friend for bringing her to class. But she gave it time and continued her practice. "Bikram yoga has benefited my life in more ways than I thought. At first when I started out my practice, my objective was to gain strength & flexibility. Over a period of time, I started noticing other changes. The practice was more of a mental workout. I was able to stay focused, calm & composed. For the first time, I was living in the present. Professionally, I address anxiety problems faced by survivors of trauma living with PTSD. My yoga practice has helped me practice mindfulness to help my patients. Now, I am getting way better, much more flexible and I am more effective at work." ‪
Grace Ungchusri

Grace Ungchusri

Grace was looking for some physical activity that is away from her place of work. “Bikram Yoga was perfect start. I love the fact that it is a group actvity and highly motivates me. I was very nervous for my first class, but during the class, even though it was hot I felt very calm. The intructor Ronnie made me feel very comfortable with the environment and poses. I feel a wave of positive energy every time I am in the yoga studio where everybody is working on improving themselves without any sort of competition. Since, I have started my practice, I feel very fresh, calm & less stressed. I am positive that Bikram Yoga is going to help me breathe better & get fit. My motto is to try & practice as much as I can.
Allan Isaacsen

Allan Isaachsen

At 72 years old, Alan Isaachsen is one of our most senior practitioners. He looks forward to continue growing his practice. “I started my practice 4 years ago. I wish I had started much earlier though. Prior to beginning my practice, I was not flexible and believed yoga wasn’t for me. I have come to realize that Bikram Yoga is a combination of balance, flexibility, strength & concentration. The arthritis in my big toe no longer aches, and I am now able to deal with life stress with ease. I originally began practicing because many people recommended Bikram Yoga to me. At first, the heated room and my limited flexibility made class tough, but I have gradually improved. Now, I feel the heat is therapeutic as it helps me stretch more. This style of yoga is perfectly designed, from the pose sequence to the resting periods between poses."
Ronald Moody

Ronald Moody

Ronald Moody started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2006. He had a desk job and used to be healthy but hurt his lower back due to which he was in alot of pain. “When I started my practice my goal was to walk. My lower back pain was very extreme. Now, I am pain free. I really enjoy my Bikram Yoga practice because it keeps the skeletal system aligned. It is a great foundation for workouts. My goal is focus on maintaining good health. improve my practice and postures. First class experience? Balancing was a challenge. But the fun part of the class was that it reminded me of country line dancing, where I could follow people in front.