Welcome to Bikram Yoga Meyerland Plaza

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We have an assortment of the best specialized hot yoga gear in Houston. Made by hot yogis for hot yogis.
Your fabulous Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers are here to guide your practice, encourage you to do your best and remind you to practice compassion for yourself.

Our state of the art hot room was designed specifically for our purposes. The days of “hot yoga smell” are long gone thanks to technology and our rigorous cleaning schedule. Your health and safety come first and our studio design is the perfect proof.

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Climate control system that keeps fresh air circulating 24 hours a day, regulates the room's temperature at a perfect 105 degrees and 40% humidity during class, and also dries out the room every night. Our reverse-osmosis water filtration systems produce the cleanest humidity possible for the yoga room. The yoga room's slip-resistant, anti-microbial, 100% waterproof flooring makes hot yoga safe for our clients with higher fall risk. The indirect lighting in the yoga room is easy on the eyes during your Savasana but keeps it bright enough for you to truly see yourself in the mirror.

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Leave clean, refreshed, and ready to take your yoga practice into your daily life. All the water in our suite is filtered, including your shower and tap water. Spacious men and ladies locker and shower rooms make it convenient to drop in on your lunch break or on your way to or from home or work.