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Welcome to Hot Yoga Plus, a world-class hot fitness facility offering Bikram's Original Hot Yoga, Inferno Hot HIIT Pilates and more. 

All of our classes are FULL-BODY and BEGINNER FRIENDLY but are challenging no matter what your fitness level. 

Bikram Yoga is one of the only hatha yoga methods that works the entire body in every session. Our highly-trained teachers will guide you through postures to reshape and heal your body from head to toe. 

Inferno Hot Pilates is a high intensity interval training class utilizing the principles of Pilates to strengthen, tone and boost cardiovascular fitness.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get stronger, heal an injury, eliminate back pain, stay active as you age, or get your high blood pressure under control, this yoga and self-paced interval class are for you.

Come join your new home for fitness.